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Andon Electronics makes precision sockets used in the placement of image sensors, optoelectronic and gas sensors, power converters, batteries, crystal oscillators, fuses, relays, and other electronic devices onto PC boards.

Leading makers of lasers, high-speed/high resolution cameras, and other electronic products solder Andon sockets – not the devices – onto the PCB, to avoid:

  • Device damage from exposure to high temp solder, ESD, and cleaning solutions
  • Solder joint cracking and associated intermittency
  • The labor and PC board damage associated with de-soldering a faulty device
  • Holding up PCB assembly until the devices arrive
  • Device performance degradation due to excessive heat and noise

John O. Tate, Andon President, pioneered many of the innovative, high-reliability interconnects for military, aerospace and commercial applications that have become industry standards. In 1965, he developed the stamped and formed multi-finger precision socket contact, which remains the preferred method throughout the world for connecting today’s critical components.

Standard and custom sockets are available for a variety of package outlines including PGAs, BGAs, LCCs, PLCCs, TOs, DIPs, SIPs, LEDs, and more.

NEW: Andon's patented Heat Sink Sockets™combine heat dissipation and noise reduction with the traditional benefits of using a socket. Contact us for cross-references to numerous sensor brands

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