Heat Sink Sockets™

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Why Heat Sink Sockets™?

With the rising demand for higher resolution cameras, image sensors are getting increasingly hotter. Optoelectronic sensors and gas sensors have always generated a lot of heat. As heat increases, noise increases geometrically jeopardizing the proper functioning of the sensor. Now there's a solution...

Andon's patented Heat Sink Sockets™ combine the heat dissipation properties of a heat sink with the benefits of using a socket - namely, to avoid exposing the device to high temp solder and contamination cleaning solutions, as well as to enable easy removal of the device from the PCB without the labor and risk of de-soldering. Also unlike a thermoelectric cooler (TEC), Heat Sink Sockets™ draw the heat downward and away from the device body, require no power and take up little space.

How Do They Work?

Using a Fiberglass insulator encased in an aluminum body, our patented Heat Sink Socket™ design draws heat away from the device and disperses it through a series of cooline fins. An optional copper layer in the PCB can provide additional heat / noise dissipation, as needed.

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